It begins with Strategy

Holistic strategies create a much more robust customer experience

Strategy is defined by the ability to come up with effective plans in line with an organization’s objectives within a particular economic situation. Strategic thinking helps business managers review policy issues, perform long term planning, set goals and determine priorities, and identify potential risks and opportunities.

Unfortunately very often, companies build an entire strategy based on a single experience customers go through as they interact with a product or service. Service brands especially have a bad habit of focusing on the one interaction where they think they make money. For example, if you’re running a fast food restaurant chain, the temptation is to focus your attention on a particular menu item, in a particular geographic location. However if you track the whole series of interactions that consumer has, you’ll begin to understand the need to strategize holistically to create a much more robust customer experience.

As a strategic thinker Kip Finch focuses on the “big picture” while thinking “outside the box”. Kip is know for generating substantial revenue through sound strategic direction and creative execution of interactive marketing initiatives including: launching or re-launching websites; producing banners, landing pages, and email campaigns; setting and executing organic search strategies; building social network marketing programs; developing interactive sales presentation; internet radio and advertising programs.

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