Flawless Execution

Executing a marketing plan isn’t all that different than launching a spaceship into orbit

Great execution, like each the apollo launches, is planned out in every detail. Years, even decade of preparation goes into each blast off. Every aspect has been thought out, designed, redesigned, and improved upon. Executing a marketing campaign is not all that different. There’s a great deal of planning and strategy that goes into the beginning stages of each plan. Figuring out exactly what the goals should be, how to measure them and ensuring they are accurate. Then comes the design phase, assessing the resources needed, putting the pieces together, and working together as a team building each component of the campaign. The job isn’t over once you’ve executed the plan and launch the campaign – there’s still much work to be done. Measuring results, making adjustment, evolving, learning and planning for the next launch.

If you think about today’s laptop computers or even the iPad you need to look back 20 years, where the basic idea for the notebook computer came from. A design that lets you fold a screen over a keyboard. Since then, the laptop has been redesigned and greatly improved upon over and over again – evolving each time. One could say design is never done. The same goes for strategy. The market is always changing; your strategy needs to change and evolve with it.

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