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  • Quote – Jeremias Stelter

    It's been a pleasure to work with you and your team for close to 10 years now - you runs a well oiled ship and are highly respected.

    Jeremias Stelter
    Vice President of Sales,
    Alden Staffing

  • Who is Lotus Interactive?

    Lotus Interactive is a virtual agency with its principle partners having decades of experience within the direct marketing industry. Our out-of-the-box approach and expertise helps us successfully implement interactive marketing programs that contribute directly to our client’s bottom line.

    What does that mean for you? You’ll get our years of experience, guidance and direction without the cost assorted with a big agency. We have expert knowledge securing and effectively managing the appropriate resources upon your behalf. You’re paying for results and not overhead of idle unneeded people. We bring in the right resource at the right time. From art directing designers, writers, photographers and illustrators to overseeing an efficient production staff to managing the appropriate web developers. We’ll seamlessly manage your account efficiently and productively giving you more bang for your buck.

    Lotus Interactive is known for generating substantial revenue through sound strategic direction and creative execution of interactive marketing initiatives including: launching or re-launching websites; producing banners, landing pages, and email campaigns; setting and executing organic search strategies; building social network marketing programs; developing interactive sales presentation; producing television, radio and outdoor advertising programs.

    Lotus Interactive also has extensive traditional print media experience including: magazine and newspaper advertisements, brochures, newsletters, catalogs, sell sheets, flyers, pamphlets and announcements.

    We’ve collaborated with the industry’s top executives, senior marketers, search engine optimization experts, product developers, account managers and sales executives to execute highly effective, profitable creative campaigns — on time and within budget.

    If your organization is interested in marketing a product or service, we know what it takes to be more profitable in today’s very competitive marketplace. Lotus Interactive is your source for success — Let’s get going.

    Lotus Interactive is your source for success — Let's get going.

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