Does you business need a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are household names, and lacking a presence on these social media giants is no longer an option.

We provide comprehensive account set-up and customization options, including a broad range of marketing campaign services that will help you manage and grow your networks on these communities.

Social Media Marketing has been a buzz word for several years now, but that’s not to say that the marketers themselves understand it. As such, a lot of companies are uncertain about exactly what a social media marketing services entail.

At Lotus Interactive, we’ve been involved in social media marketing services since before the phrase was even coined. We not only understand the current trends in the field, but know what it takes to actually create very successful campaigns for our clients.

All our viral marketing campaigns and social networking efforts receive input from the SEO team to ensure that whatever links and attention the social media campaign receives is efficiently turned into better search engine rankings — a bonus to clients that deliver long term revenue even for small short-lived campaigns.

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