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  • Quote – Beth Dziedzic

    Thanks for getting this together so quickly! You are the BEST! Perfect job.

    Beth Dziedzic
    Mktg. Services Supervisor

  • Marketing for the new age.

    Lotus Interactive has the expertise to create new innovative marketing campaigns that offer measurable results. We’ll help you leverage your existing customer base while extending your reach and brand helping you blaze the trail through the internet jungle.

    We know what works and what doesn’t, we’ll work with you to create a strategy based around your business goals that will help take your company to the next level.

    Brand strategy. What do you stand for and how are you either building or busting your brand? We’ll help you sort through the noise and focus in on your differentiation and what your customer values.

    Adaptive marketing. Is your marketing engaging your customer today? Let us guide you to develop marketing that adapts to changing mind-sets, markets, channels and environments.

    Market positioning and message development. What’s your story? Call it an elevator pitch or whatever you like, but let us make sure your messaging is meaningful to your clients and customers.

    Logos & identity. Does your “look and feel” represent you well? We can update your identity and make sure you’re not apologizing when you hand someone your business card.

    Website design and editorial. When was the last time you updated your website? Get rid of the stale content and tired design and make sure your site is optimized to get prospects there and engage them.

    Email marketing campaigns. Are you thinking about an email campaign? We’ll help you develop email that is relevant for your audience and that can break through the noise.

    Print collateral design and editorial. Do you have clients still asking for good-old fashioned print? Let us design a brochure or over-sized postcard that hits the mark.

    Social media services. Facebook, Linked In, Twitter…are you wondering what’s right for you? Social media is not one-size fits all. It’s one more tool to build your brand and market position. Let us remove the mystery for you.

    Copywriting services. Does your copy connect? We love the written word. Great ideas still begin here and brands are built with clear, concise, consistent communication.

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