How to get social media buy-in

As you make your case for your brand’s social media endeavors, you’ll likely need to show value to your leadership. The good news is that with a little analysis, the data is on your side. Let’s start by building a business case that’s right for you.

You know your organization better than just about anyone, so trust your gut. If you’re worried about pushback, you can run some small-scale tests to see how it goes and build a case for your effort. In safe pockets—places where you can play around and create the foundation for your business case without much risk—build out a trial or two that touch on some of the most pressing issues your organization faces, and see if you can’t prove the impact of social media in those areas. You might even look to your competitors for some good examples. Once these tests have yielded results, present your new data to whomever needs to give the social sign-off. This strategy of starting small helps buy you the permission and trust you’ll need to work towards some of the more difficult results.

If you have tried making a business case and you’re still being met with resistance, don’t give up. Try building out specific case studies to add substance to your pitch, giving higher-ups a feel for what it will eventually look like. If you have an opportunity to start small, dipping a toe in the water with minimal risk, your results can speak volumes. Once you have something new to show, you can revisit and strengthen your business case. It’s hard to argue with data.

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