Engaging a Facebook Audience

It’s important to keep your fans engaged in a meaningful, two-way dialogue. After all, what sets social media marketing apart from other marketing avenues is the fact that you have the unique opportunity to engage directly with your stakeholders. And here are our Top 5 suggestions on how to best accomplish that.

1.    Post regularly. It is important not to let your Facebook page lie dormant, which means you need to be sure to post frequently. How frequently? Well, it’s different for everyone. You will figure out the right posting rhythm eventually, but we recommend posting at least once a day and increasing from there.

2.    Ask questions. It sounds basic, but the easiest way to get a response is to ask a question. So don’t be afraid to pose questions to your fans. This is not only a great way to engage fans, but also a great tool for conducting market research; you can learn a great deal about your audience, which can help shape future marketing efforts. Definitely check out the Involver Poll App in order to get started with this.

3.    Make your posts pretty. We’re not saying you need to put lipstick on them. But if you make your posts more aesthetically pleasing by leveraging interactive media—images, video, or audio—you are sure to see increased levels of fan engagement.

4.    Have a distinct and consistent voice. One of the great things about social media is how it allows brands to really come to life. And because your personality is echoed throughout status updates, photos, and anything else you do on Facebook, we recommend you decide ahead of time what you want your voice to sound like, and be sure that voice is consistent throughout your Facebook efforts.

5.    Launch campaigns and contests. The most successful Facebook fan pages we have seen are those that implement creative campaigns and contests. From trivia contests to photo contests, the opportunities here are endless. So put your creative cap on and brainstorm clever campaign ideas that will work for your brand.

These tips are not meant to be any kind of authority on Facebook marketing. But they are meant to be helpful hints based on our observations and research that will help you take your Facebook marketing to the next level.

Tell us what you think and any additional ideas you might have.

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