Who is Kip and what makes him click?

Photographing People
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My wife Jennifer get’s me – we have each other’s back. At times there’s nothing I’d rather do then photographer her — she makes me “click”. This site is ever changing and reflects my pleasure in photographing people, places and things. In capturing that small moment in time, I like to explore a wide range of subjects, from city scenes to natural elements to people. I like dark, and light, and form, and texture. I have always had a fascination with capturing the beauty around me.  Whether it is in a face, a figure, a landscape, architecture or anything, I always try to express what it is I see and feel through my photography.

I received my first camera as a gift from my parents as a boy. Growing up I carried it with me practically everywhere i went. I clicked on everything that caught my eye however those were the good old “film” days, so I was very selective before I actually CLICKED the shutter. I minored in photography in college and have ever since been self-taught in the digital world.

My images have mostly been of nature and architecture as well as people — although it’s hard to find a willing subject. I have always found the beauty in color, shape, texture and shadow. For me, photography is not only a medium, but also an experience. Working with the available light, I strive to reveal the essence of my imagery in ways that are both classic and fresh. As for my work, I will let it speak for itself.

“It’s all about the image after all”

Please enjoy your time here, and feel free to contact me with any questions concerning my current or future work – especially if you want to be the next moment in time.