Michael Italiaander

Managing Director

Spanning 35 years, Michael Italiaander’s professional career as a currency trader, business owner and investor has included a strong focus on the development of unique and special brands, increasing customer base / market share and providing a high level of personalized customer service in all of his business and investment interests.

A dozen years were spent working in New York City as a currency trader during which Michael built a successful business developing brokerage relationships with bank traders in the international money markets. This experience in the currency markets proved extremely helpful when, after moving to his Connecticut farm, Michael established a well-regarded boutique international tour operator which focused on providing garden tours to highly discerning guests, predominantly women, in small groups around the world. During his 15 years in the tour operator business Michael oversaw the marketing, development and implementation of detailed tour itineraries including tour guides, daily site visits and, most important to the success of any proven tour operator, sourcing appropriate accommodations (hotels) and related amenities, including meals and access to attractions. Based on this experience Michael has well-developed relationships with dozens of exceptional hotels around the world as well as a keen understanding of the hospitality business and related economics.

Following the successful disposition of the tour operator business, Michael and his wife, Cindy, acquired an equestrian property in northwest Connecticut and transformed it into a state of the art facility providing boarding, training and lessons to a broad range of clients including up-market show horses and their owners, horse shows, school packages and children’s camps. The center continues to thrive as a business and provides the Italiaander’s a great amount of joy and satisfaction.

Throughout his professional career Michael has been an active investor in equities, commodities and real estate. In more recent years, he has been actively involved in acquiring and managing real estate including two successful projects in south Florida which were acquired, repositioned and sold from 2012 – 2015. Both projects provided internal rates of return in excess of 40%.

Michael and Cindy share their family farm in Litchfield, Connecticut with their twin teenage sons.   He is an active member of the community and is the longstanding treasurer of the Litchfield Land Trust which controls more than 100 land holding totaling 3,000 acres.